Sunday, December 26, 2010

Som Tam

Som tam (papaya salad)

50 g. papaya, carrot, or cucumber, shredded or matchsticks
10 small garlic cloves
1-3 chilies
1/2 tomato, cut quarter
1 chinese long bean, in 1-inch slices (or green beans)
20 g. peanut
2 tbsp. fish sauce (or 1 tsp. salt)
1-2 limes, cut quarter
1 tbsp. palm sugar or brown sugar
optional: anchovies, fermented crab claws

Tenderly pound garlic, chili, and Chinese long bean.  Add palm sugar, lime, fish sauce, and pound until the palm sugar is dissolved.
Add the papaya and tomato, mix well.  Top with peanuts, serve with fresh vegetables.

Source: Baan Thai cookery school, Chiang Mai, May 2010

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