Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mapo Doufu (spicy tofu)

You will need (i don't measure anything, sorry if that's not helpful, just eyeball it):
soft tofu (not the dense stuff or it will not work)
spring onions
minced pork
chili sauce
light and dark soy sauce
sesame oil
cornstarch (mix with water)
chinese cooking wine

first dice the tofu into small pieces

heat vegetable oil in a wok, add ginger, minced pork and chili sauce. cook until fragrant (and pork is cooked through). then add a dash of cooking wine, a few tablespoons of water, the soy sauces (light for flavor, dark for color), and the pepper. Mix it good.

put the tofu in the wok - but do not stir because it is fragile and might fall apart. instead shake the wok to cover it in the spices. cook about 2 minutes. add a few tablespoons of the corn-starchy water and drizzle with sesame oil. garnish with spring onions. et voilá!

Source: Meagan Kruman

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